5 Books Every Graphic Designer Should Read

5 Books Every Graphic Designer Should Read

  1. Graphic Design a Concise History by Thames Hudson.

This book covers the different styles over the decades while looking at the most influential artists throughout the times. It’s very detailed with a lot of interesting facts and examples of work, letting you see how design has evolved over the years. This is a great book if you want to get inspired by some of the older graphic design techniques and methods.

  1. Thinking with Type by Helen Lupton

This book really goes into the anatomy and history of type, while giving you examples of the way type can be used as a design element and displayed effectively. It gives you all the basic rules of type; such as kerning, tracking and alignment while being very visual with good use of examples in how to use type the correct way.

  1. How to be a Graphic Designer without Losing Your Soul by Adrian Shaughnessy

Consisting of some real practical advice on how to set up your own design studio and starting out as a graphic designer. Full of pro’s and con’s on setting up your own studio, tips on finding clients and the creative process. It’s quite text heavy, but full of some really useful information. This book is perfect for you if you’re just setting up your own studio or going freelance.

  1. Design Diaries; Creative Process in Graphic Design by Lucienne Roberts and Rebecca Wright

An amazing book that looks at the design process of some well know graphic designers such as Stefan Segmeister and Paula Scher. Looking at what inspires them and how they put all this information together to produce a final product. It goes through the whole design process from brief to research and development. Very visual, very interesting and extremely useful in understanding the approach you need to take when given a brief from a client.

  1. Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler

The final book in my top five covers the basics of what a brand is and what it can do for your company, as well as the best practices and research methods when approaching a branding job. Another highly visual book with some great case studies from well know global brands. I personally found the information very useful and gave me an entirely new perspective on a approaching a branding job.

That’s my top 5 to date, but shocking as it may seem – I haven’t read every book (yet)! So if you have any other recommendations please hit me up on twitter, Facebook or via the contacts page!




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