5 Graphic Design Awards Worth Entering

5 Graphic Design Awards Worth Entering

Guessing your already an active graphic designer then you already know how integral it is to be accredited as well as a good portfolio. Entering awards is something you should always be doing from the very start of your career and a great way to generate a reputation, sticking your head above the crowd.

Saying that, there are so many different awards and governing bodies it can be quite disorientating which one’s are actually worth entering and will get you noticed. Being the good little Samaritan I am, here’s a run down of the top awards you should consider.

  1. Penguins Random House Design Award

As long as you’re studying in Graphic design you can register for this very prestigious award. You will need to work on a brief to create a new book cover. There’s a number of categories you can provide one entry each for, including; Adult Fiction, Children’s and Adult Non-Fiction. This is a brilliant chance for your designs to reach a vast audience, while the winner is given a work placement at Penguin house with a £1,000 sweeter – not to shabby!

  1. RSA Student Design Award

Another award specifically for students the RSA Award is an amazing opportunity for under graduates to work on industry standard projects while being seen by the top end of the designing world. The competition is based in Britain but overseas students and post-graduates can enter also. This highly coveted award offers a whooping £60,000 to the winner as well as a paid placement to help launch the winners career.

  1. The London Design Awards – Graphic Design Category

This competition is an arm of the design100 set of award opportunities that offers a plinth for organisations to engage with a extremely bespoke audience through the awards media output platforms. Graphic design is probably the largest category for the LDA’s, while it branches out into a number of subgenres from Type to Illustration and Print Design. Unfortunately you can’t just rock up and enter these awards, you have to submit a relevant piece of work, which will be reviewed and put online for people to enjoy and vote.

  1. The D&AD New Blood Award

Anyone in the creative industry or just a fan of graphic design knows how winning the D&AD Award is comparable to the X-Factor or Olympics. Should you win this highly regarded credit, you’ve pretty much made it! It is without doubt the highest achievement in any graphic designers career. I would certainly recommend that you give it ago. If you should take me up on such a challenge, you will be asked to take on a design brief, be aware that you must be between the ages of 18 and 23, if not a student or post graduate of any age.

  1. HOW Poster Design

Should print poster design be your thing, this is the one for you. It’s a mere fifty dollars to submit your entry with the winner having their poster published on the HOW’s site. Should you come in the top 10 all is not lost, as there are plenty of benefits to share:

80,000 subscribers will see your work in the HOW newsletter containing all top 10 finalists.

One of the finalists as voted for by the readers will be featured as the monthly ‘Behind the design” column in the how print magazine.

Each of the top ten will be given an annual subscription to the HOW’s online platform video tutorials, as well as a selection of design based literature to help progress your knowledge and career.

Nearly all poster types are accepted, including: film, music, typography and letterpress.

That was a short rundown of my top five awards worth entering, as you might of guessed most are for students if not post-graduates Unfortunatly there the people who really need the awards and gain the most, but take a look online and you’ll find all types of competitions. Good luck and I hope you win something as it’s a great way to hone your skills and get your name out there!







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