5 Ways to Become an Even Better Graphic Designer

5 Ways to Become an Even Better Graphic Designer

Every graphic designer worth their salt should constantly be seeking to improve their design skills. If they’re not then they’re going to find themselves going through the same old motions time and time again.

And their work, well, it’s going to be as exciting as choosing to decorate an entire house in magnolia.

Keeping things fresh and innovative, therefore, is essential to keep your skillset and experience evolving if you want to stay at the top of your game. That’s why, today, I’m going to give you a few tips on how to sharpen up your design smarts.

  1. 1. Pick up your Sketchbook

I’d be lost without computer software to aid me in my drafts and act as a useful filing system, but that doesn’t mean we should abandon the old ways.

If you haven’t got a sketchbook then you should hang your head in shame!

You see, sometimes you won’t be able to get on your computer. And that’s not a bad thing as it opens you up to a more organic way of working. Getting away from the harsh glare of those LED screens may help you relax and become inspired.

Also, let’s be fair, the amount of options presented in software packages today is dizzying to say the least. But when it’s just you, a pencil and a sheet of paper everything becomes much more simple and the emphasis shifts towards creativity.

  1. 2. Put Down that Pencil and Try Starting a Blog

Believe me, starting a blog about graphic design and your travels through its treacherous landscapes is a fantastic way to improve your skills.

Sitting there and designing all day, every day is admirable, but sometimes you need to step back and assess what you’re doing. And starting a blog puts you in a powerful position to be more analytical of your work.

A blog also allows you to put your business hat on as it can act as a handy showcase for your talents not just in designing, but also understanding how the industry works. There’s no telling where this could lead.

  1. 3. Start Collaborating

Collaboration should never be viewed as a cop out. It’s not just a way of reducing your work load. No, it’s actually a very powerful strategy for taking your projects to places they wouldn’t have reached otherwise.

There always comes a point, in anything creative, where you hit a brick wall and can’t for the life of you get over it. It’s frustrating and it sure irritates the hell out of me, but if you’re working with one of your graphic designer buddies you can overcome these obstacles.

Think about it, there’s two individuals packed full of talent with a shared aim. This makes for an amazing two way soundboard for ideas and makes the design process that little bit easier.

Frankly, I see it as an excellent excuse to smash a project out of the park due to the energy created by collaborating!

  1. 4. Get to Grips with Writing Copy

If you’ve been in the graphic design game long enough to sell a few pieces of work then I’m pretty certain that you know how to design. However, I frequently sigh at the poor copy I see being coupled with projects.

Remember, writing is a powerful art which can add even more depth and layers to your graphics. I’m not expecting you to become Don Draper over night, but you really need to research what makes good copy.

By educating yourself in this field you’ll discover that you soon start developing straplines and slogans which really sing; as a result your projects will become more rounded and, more importantly, more engaging.

  1. 5. Keep Searching for New Influences

A good graphic designer should constantly be searching for new influences to keep their creative talent fighting fit.

And don’t fall into the trap of thinking that all graphic design influences should be stuck in the world of graphic design. Widen your range of influences by exploring every aspect of life.

You never know what could suddenly spark that vital inspiration needed to push you forwards. It could be a walk along the beach where you examine shells and shorelines or it could be going to the gym and watching your guns get pumped after a few curls.

I know you want to keep on top of graphic design and I’m almost certain you want to improve, so these five examples should hopefully spur you on. I’m sure you’ve got your own tips on enhancing your graphic designer skills, so let me know about them in the comments section!



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