Brand Architecture – What it is!

Brand Architecture – What it is!

Brand Architecture refers to the hierarchy of brands within a single company. It is the interrelationship of the parent company, subsidiary companies, products, and services, and should mirror the marketing strategy. It is important to bring consistency, visual and verbal order, thought, and intention to disparate elements to help a company grow and market more effectively.

As companies merge with others and acquire new companies and products, the branding, nomenclature, and marketing decisions become exceedingly complex. Decision makers examine marketing, cost, time, and legal implications. The need for brand architecture is not limited to Fortune 100 companies or for-profit companies. Any company or institution that is growing needs to evaluate which brand architecture strategy will support future growth. Most large companies that sell products and services have a mixture of strategies.

fedex BRAND architecture

Fedex is a global logistics powerhouse with a broad portfolio of shipping, ecommerce and business services. Each operating unit has its own trademark.

Types of Brand Architecture…

Monolithic Brand Architecture. ( Google / Fedex / Virgin )

Characterised by a strong, single master brand. Customers make choices based on brand loyalty. Features and benefits matter less to the consumer that the brand promise and persona. Brand extensions use the parent’s identity and generic descriptors.

Endorsed Brand Architecture. ( Apple / Ralph Lauren / Oreo )

Characterised by marketing between the product or division and the parent. The product or division has a clearly defined market presence, and benefits from the association, endorsement, and visibility of the parent.

Pluralistic Brand Architecture. ( Unilever / Yum / Kraft Foods )

Characterized by a series of well-known consumer brands. The name of the parent may be either invisible or inconsequential to the consumer, and known only to the investment community. Many parent companies develop a system for corporate endorsement that is tertiary.



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