Brand Identity

Brand Identity LondonCreating a consistent and appealing brand identity is a major step towards achieving commercial success for your company and its products. A visual identity is much more than a logo, although that particular graphic device is often a key element. All the visual elements of your communications material – from letterheads and promotional leaflets to product packaging and your company website – need to complement one another and project the same ethos and overall message. Only then can you achieve the recognition and stand-out required in today’s competitive marketplace. Markus will apply his graphic design skills to ensure your visual identity and branding is truly outstanding.


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Branding with more bite…

It is rumoured that the rainbow-coloured apple logo that forms an important part of the visual identity of Apple technology is in homage to Alan Turin, the famous code-breaker and computing genius, who bit into a cyanide-laced apple after being hounded by the authorities for his homosexuality.


A short history of brands:

Branding originally came about to identify products, in much the same way that farmers branded their cattle to prove their ownership. In the 18th and 19th centuries many food products were adulterated with inferior ingredients. Reputable manufacturers therefore decided to stamp their own mark on their products so that customers would be certain of their quality. The same idea of quality-assurance applies today although consumer messaging can be much more sophisticated when using a combination of print-based and digital communications. Now we can create branding and visual identities that promote lifestyles with which customers are keen to identify.