Five Problems Facing Graphic Designers in 2015

Five Problems Facing Graphic Designers in 2015

The life of a graphic designer certainly isn’t all glamour and glitz as you swagger from one trouble free project to the next. You actually have to put in some insane amounts of graft to keep on top of your workload and satisfy clients.

And with the landscape of graphic design constantly morphing to meet technological advancements and society’s tastes it’s not getting easier.

In 2015 graphic designers are facing many unique problems, so let’s take a look at them and see what you can do to keep on top.

  1. 1. Keeping up with Technology

There’s only so long that you’re going to be able to get by as a graphic designer with those Photoshop skills you learnt way back when Myspace was all the rage. You see, technology advances so quickly today that it’s easy to be left scrabbling around with yesterday’s tech.

But this doesn’t mean it’s time to pack up that dusty copy of Photoshop and look for a change in career.

What you need to do is immerse yourself in what’s happening in the tech side of graphic design. You can do this quite easily by visiting graphic design websites regularly and joining online communities.

However, the best way to keep in touch is by regularly topping up your skillsets by enrolling in new graphic design courses to find out what’s going on out there.

  1. 2. Self-Taught Designers

Due to advancements in technology and a fall in prices pretty much anyone can equip themselves with some very powerful design kit for next to nothing. And this has seen a new breed of self-taught designers dipping their toes into the industry.

Now, there’s no way I’m going to arrogantly dismiss this world as the preserve of hacks. In fact, I’ve seen some amazing work come out of this corner of the graphic design world.

However, and this is a big however, there are a LOT of less than talented designers in this arena who almost see dismissing the basics as necessary to succeed. And it’s this ‘punk’ ethos which is tainting the industry and devaluing the professionals.

As a professional, then, it’s your job to maintain your quality levels and ensure your work stands out from that kid with the top of the range Mac and the latest Photoshop updates.

  1. 3. Website Templates

Website templates are proving a real nightmare for graphic designers at the moment!

Take WordPress, for example, this is a very powerful piece of kit for creating websites and it comes with a wide range of free templates to give those websites a professional sheen.

Why would people come to a graphic designer when they’ve got a cheap and easy option in front of them?

The one problem with templates, though, is that they’re incredibly generic and I’ve lost count of the number of websites I’ve seen running the same old themes.

The key here is to constantly evolve your web design skills to guarantee you can deliver websites which truly feel unique and stand out amongst the competition.

  1. 4. Getting Lost in Trends

New design trends seem to explode online almost weekly at the moment and many clients are eager to exploit these into their brands.

The problem with these trends is that, although they’re powerful, their allure is diluted very quickly amongst a million similar designs. As a designer, though, you’re under pressure to give that client what they want or risk not getting paid.

But you don’t have to paint yourself into a corner of creative ethics. Instead just do what great graphic designers have been doing since the dawn of time. Take that trend and put your own unique twist on it and stand out from the crowd.

  1. 5. Overseas Designers

Let’s face it, we all know that the internet has made the world a much smaller place. And the world of freelancing websites such as Elance has made the business world smaller than ever before.

This is why it’s no longer a case of worrying about competition from your local rivals or even national rivals. We’re all global rivals now.

Not only does this open up the level of competition you’re facing, it also exposes to you to the economies of third world countries. What you would expect to earn in a day others are potentially happy to earn in a week. And they’re usually pretty damn skilled.

It’s easy to start marking your prices down to win jobs, but that’s not going to help you pay your bills or even achieve job satisfaction.

Instead, make sure you work at reasonable rates and just make your pitches the best they can be to earn what your skills deserve.

Let me know in the comments below of any other contemporary issues you feel are hitting the industry hard at the moment.

MARKUS – Graphic Designer


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