Great Packaging Design

Great Packaging Design

Everyday a new product is released and marketed to society with two expectations. One, to make lots of dollars for the company behind it. And two, to (hopefully) improve the lives of its consumers. Whether it’s a better tasting beer, shoe’s to make the ladies mutter, or the latest Smartphone that makes your time even more efficient. On a side note, isn’t it funny how lot’s of things are developed to ‘save’ us time so we can do the things we enjoy more – but we’re probably busier than ever!

Anyway, packaging has been inhabiting our shops, high streets and minds for sometime now with more and more products coming out everyday, they need to design packaging in a way that really stands out while trying to keep in current trends such as recyclable and biodegradable.

Packaging used to be a last minute thought, if a thought at all. These days it’s integral to penetrating and staying on top of a market. Below are some of my favourite packaging designs from around the world, see what one’s you like and why not leave a comment below?…

Festina Watches.

festina packaging design

Lot’s of companies try and make grandiose guarantee’s that they might not be able to back up, but not the boys and girls at Festina! They’ve only gone and warranted the fact their watches are waterproof buy packaging them in a see-through bag of water on the shelf ready to buy – genius! No need for long-winded sales copy messing up the beautiful neat design, everything you need to know is right there for you to see. It was German ‘Multidisciplinary Designer’ Ralf Schroder of Scholz & Friends that brought this unique and wonderful concept together winning the 2012 IF Packaging Design Gold Award.

Juice Skins.

juice skin packaging design

Bringing the fruit out you could say. This hugely imaginative packaging design for Japanese based fruit Juice Company “Juice Skins” is the brainchild of Naoto Kukasawa who said

“I find you can create the best designs when you drop your consciousness and act without thought.”

Unfortunately for now these products are only available in South East Asia and in three choices, Banana, Kiwi and Strawberry.


thelma's packaging design

Very much a family run cottage business, Thelma’s is a cookie delivery service run by mother and son, Dereck and Lana Lewis in Omaha and distributing throughout and Quad Cities (which I just ‘Wiki’d’ to find out are – Bettendorf, Rock Island, East Moline and Davenport on the border of Iowa and Illinois, perhaps worth a visit/taste). The packaging of a mini oven was produced by agency Saturday MFG’s. The ‘Foremen’ at Saturday Mfg helped create the branding from scratch, including the logo to sales cart and this amazing delivery box stating ‘each bite of Thelma’s brand is a joy unto itself.’

MARKUS – Graphic Designer


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    Dear Sir Or Madam,

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