How Bad Is It…

How Bad Is It…

I don’t know about you but I’m kind of obsessed with HGTV Magazine. Every month they have a feature called “How Bad Is It?” Basically giving you no-brainer tips on things like, how bad is it to store paper bags under your sink? Or not watering your pot plants! So I thought I could shamelessly steal this idea for a blog post but make it all about Graphic Design. So question number one:

How bad is it… to download a font illegally?

You can get pretty much anything you want illegally on the internet these days including probably any font you could possibly want. If you’re only using the font for personal use, while not making any money off of it or distributing it to a wide audience, then I say go for it! But as soon as you start making any money off of any designs you really need to acquire your fonts legally and pay money for them. Type designers are very talented and spend so much time developing their fonts, so respect your fellow designers and pay them what’s due.

How bad is it… to use serif and sans serif fonts on the same page?

In my opinion it’s absolutely fine and not sure where this myth started, but always feel free to use both fonts on the same page as long as it feels right. What you should avoid doing instead is using two fonts that look very similar to each other, for example, using Badoni and Garamond in the same document. It just looks messy and amateur, while using serif and sans serif is just fine!

How bad is it… to print from a RGB file?

I was actually pretty interested in this one enough to do a test of printing the same colours from a RGB file and a CMYK file on my home printer an Epson SX235W. It turns out the RGB file colours came out a little bit brighter than the CMYK, which I wasn’t expecting at all. If anyone knows more about Inkjet printers or why this might of happened please feel free to leave a comment below? I guess we can take from this that you wouldn’t be a million miles off if you wanted to do some print testing at home. However, if you are taking the files to a commercial printer you can bet your grandmother they will have a lot of specifications that you will have to follow exactly. Colours can easily get messed up if you don’t follow the guidelines of your printer partner so always convert to CMYK when printing externally.

How bad is it… to not have a Degree in Graphic Design?

I’ve been discussing this question a lot recently with some associates that want to get into graphic design and don’t have the money or the time to go to school and learn. I believe wholeheartedly that it depends on the person. Some people have endless natural talent and driven to practice on their own outside of work or university. When applying for jobs or even freelance work nobody really cares where you studied or what qualification you have, they just want to know you can create great quality work. If you really want to be a graphic designer I would recommend doing an internship working alongside established designers as you will learn much more being in that environment then sat in front of your screen everyday.

So those were some common issues in graphic design, if you feel I’ve got anything wrong please write in the comments below, or even if you have any questions – let me know and I’ll go into more depth.



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