How Do You Design a Stone Cold Classic Logo?

How Do You Design a Stone Cold Classic Logo?

Nike, Apple and McDonalds all have one thing in common and that’s an amazingly simple logo which is recognised all over the world.

But were these logos dashed off in 10 minutes by a graphic designer on a tight schedule? Of course not! Endless hours were spent drafting and designing before heading back to the drawing board to perfect that logo which would engage people so successfully.

Obviously, unless you’re really, really lucky it’s very rare you’ll get hired by a company such as Nike to design a logo, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim for every logo project to be an iconic classic.

And that’s why I’m going to take you through a few steps to get you closer to designing that killer logo your clients are crying out for.

Get the Right Attitude

Projecting a client’s aims, values and message all through a simple logo is one of the most difficult projects a graphic designer can take on.

A logo is an instant aesthetic hit which needs to connect with the viewer the moment they set eyes on it. And this is why your first task revolves around getting to know your client.

Sit down, Skype, email, ring or send smoke signals to your client to get on the same page as them and understand the message they want you to deliver to the world.

And then brainstorm until your hands ache to uncover every conceivable angle behind that client and realise exactly how to project their image.

Focus on the Overall Brand

The beauty of the Nike logo is that it sums up the ethos of all their products. The ‘tick’ design encapsulates the movement of sport and the positive nature of sport.

But say Nike had decided to go for a logo featuring just a running shoe? Yeah, I guess that would have been a pretty neat move for selling running shoes, but what about when it comes to selling hockey sticks? It would look a little out of place, right?

This is why I always make sure that my logos can be used in every single niche of that client’s business. After all, designing a unique logo for every niche is going to be very time consuming and expensive.

Keep Your Logos Adaptable

The best logos are those that remain adaptable and can quickly shift to new environments, but still retain that brand image.



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