Pick Me Up Festival 2015

Pick Me Up Festival 2015

I recently took a wander down to London based Graphic Design festival “Pick Me Up” at Somerset House for its sixth year. With a spanking new line up of graphic designers, artists and illustrators featuring a range of work from paper craftwork to animation, product design and 3D Printing.

The twelve day festival features new and already established artists work based through out the Embankment Galleries – where I had been only a few weeks early to see the exhibition of Guy Bourdian (HOO-RAH for the mecca of culture that is Somerset House – more please!!) But before entering the galleries I sat in the forecourt with a coffee imagining what things would of looked like 400 years ago when they first built this towering eye-candy for the Earl of Somerset! …Hold the phone! – Why didn’t he live in Somerset, and who’s the Earl of London?

Anyway, the good thing about Pick Me Up is that its not just your typical exhibition, the designers actually set up and work from the festival throughout, so you can look at their work, talk and argue over what country exports the best rugs (if you want) or even walk away with some limited edition work -hopefully you’ve purchased!

Here’s the run down on the top 3 artists that really impressed and inspired me…

Laura Jouan:graphic design festival in London laura jouan

A French graphic designer that’s been based in London since 2011 when she studied Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art, graduating in 2014. Questioning the physical nature of graphic mediums has led Laura to describe her working process as ‘de-composing and re-composing my surroundings.’ For Pick Me Up, Laura exhibited the project ‘Layering, Layers, Layering Content,’ which investigates poster formats using three elements; grid, text, and image. By experimenting with these elements and placing them on top of each other, Laura’s aim is ‘to show how we are layering information in communication.’

graphic design festival in London Peter Judson Peter Judson:

Who studied illustration at Kingston University (booyay! …my hometown) graduating in 2013. His main influence is the Soviet Union, with colour, composition and perspective  all playing a dominate role in his work. Peter has worked on a variety of projects, from editorial and cover design, to wallpaper and clothing. For the festival, Mr Judson created  an ‘illusion of what happens when you act on your wandering mind of procrastination and the constant fight that goes on in your head as you force yourself to focus on the main  objective’ (we all know that one!)

Thomas Lamadieu:Lond based Graphic Design Festival Thomas Lamadieu

Another French artist Tom-bo has developed several projects, two of which were showcased at Pick Me Up; Sky Art and Sky Design. In Sky Art,  Thomas plays with the empty sky between urban architecture by populating the space with his characters; Sky Design shows Tommys’ characters in  urban perspectives, which are completely different from reality. Now living and working in Germany, Thomas travels to places including Belgium,  France and Hong Kong, photographing the environment, seasonal changes and, most importantly, urban architecture, into which he slots his  imaginary friends! Taking lots of photographs, Thomas then makes a selection and uses low-fi software to add designs into the negative space of the  image, either following his designs from tracing paper attached to the computer screen, or inputting directly into the computer.


All in all an inspiring day and well worth the visit next year!


(ps. Turns out it was the Earl of Somerset’s “city stop-off” …nice if you can get it!)


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