Honeyrose: Website Design

Honeyrose Bakery Ltd, is an artisan wholesale (i.e. no stores) bakery based in Park Royal, North West London. We are proudly founder-managed by Lise Madsen, a Danish Pastry Chef, who started Honeyrose Bakery 16 years ago, which makes us, to our knowledge, London’s oldest organic artisan bakery.

MARKUS Designed and Built the website with the aims to:

increase traffic, increase product awareness, generate more sales, advertise a new product or service and offer e-commerce

Target audience: B2C instead of existing B2B, with some B2B focus as secondary. The demographics for Honeyrose tends to be women, in ABC1, metropolitan area. An educated, young, affluent consumer that appreciates artisan baking and has some understanding of the benefits of organic.

Target audience accessing to our site: we believe as with current trends this will be mainly on tablets, smartphones, and PCs, on IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. However we will be reviewing the design process on MS PC’s running IE11 so please make sure your work displays correctly across that too.

New website: will be part of both a rebrand and a new product launch. Whereas before Honeyrose had been “only” organic, now it will be both organic AND gluten-free.


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