SABMiller: UX & Design Review

Beverage holding company SABMiller enlisted MARKUS as a consultant for both a design and UX review of the SABMiller Brand Technical Footprint (BTF) database.

To review the existing platform in relation to the SABMiller Group’s design and branding guidelines for all of the pages within the platform while focus on creative and design elements (such as typeface, logo size and positioning, colours, image positioning etc.)


UX functionality and design and branding suggestions

  • MARKUS provided a thorough proposal for amending the design and UX functionality of the pages within the platform, providing justifications for change and clear instructions on what needs to be changed.
  • The suggested design and UX functionality amends were delivered as a pdf document as well as wire frames for some of the website design elements, including;


– Annotated screen grabs of the tool, with notes presented in ‘problem solution’ format that explain the reason for the change and the instructions on what the change should be.

– Visual mock-ups of how the final pages should aspire to look, helping the offshore developer visualise the end result.



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