Top 5 Movie Poster Designs

Top 5 Movie Poster Designs

I don’t know about you but as an only child growing up I was fascinated with films. They we’re a portal into another place, time or even realm. Not only that but the posters used to get me excited about the film, probably more than the trailer. I never liked watching trailers as they often give away to much of the story, and I want to be surprised as I follow the story in the way I’m sure the director wanted it to be seen – ignorant. So here are my top five movie posters of all time!


Artists: Mark Blamire & Rob O’Connor

trainspotting poster design

Originally Mark and Rob were given an image from a French film called “Backbeat” as a reference for the poster campaign. But they disliked this image and didn’t feel it was right for this movie or these type of people. (The Backbeat Poster shows a group of ‘unlikely lads’ hanging around a steel bridge. Instead the guys took inspiration from the Reservoir Dogs individual character posters and one of the greatest movie monologues of all time!

West Side Story.

Artist: Saul Bass

WESTside poster design

As a kid a frick’n loved this film! Saul Bass was the Visual Director on this production and not only responsible for the simplistic 2d logo that perfectly encapsulates the movie, but also for creating one of the most iconic and memorable opening title sequence of all time. Starting with a very abstract and contemporary drawing we can hear a medley of composer Leonard Bernstein’s score with the image hues changing with the different moods and overtures until the artwork is slowly faded away to reveal that we had been looking at an interpretation of Manhattan all along. [See the video here]

A Clockwork Orange.

Artist: Bill Gold

poster design for CLOCKORANGE

Bill Gold is a film poster legend, and don’t take my word for it! Clint Eastwood is quoted to have said ‘The first image you have of many of your favourite films is probably a Bill Gold creation.’ Also being best known for poster designs including Casablanca, Alien (which was rated the number one movie poster of all time by Complex Magazine) as well as one of my favourites – Stanley Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange.” Supposedly Kubrick and Gold didn’t get along to well as they came to blows a few times over their differing creative directions.

Forbidden Planet

Artist: Unknown

Forbidden planet poster

I can’t get enough of this poster with the use of contrast and beautiful vibrant colouring. You can definitely feel a sense of comic book influence at the root of the artwork and the stamped ‘Amazing” literally is AMAZING! I have a sneaky feeling that I might not have liked this a couple years ago, but for some reason it really strike”s me now! After much digging around and online research I can’t find out who did the design itself, with the only credit going to MGM…?

Mean Streets

Art Director: William Sandell

print poster design MEANSTREETS

Bing Bang Boom here we go, NUMBER 1! (Like you all care?) Anyway, it’s fitting, as Scorsese’s’ got to be my favourite director. MEAN STREETS! Designed by Art Director William Sandell who started out with B-Movies like “Invasion of the Bee Girl – got to see that one! I don’t need to really say much about it as its there for you too see, but I love the 2D vector style city scape and the colour gradient Giving it a palatable energy.

Well that’s my 2 pence.



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