What is Brand Identity?

What is Brand Identity?

Brand identity is tangible and appeals to the sense. You can see it, touch it, watch it move. Brand identity fuels recognition, amplifies differentiation, and makes big ideas with meaning accessible. Brand identity takes disparate elements and unifies them into whole systems.

“Design plays an essential role in creating and building brands. Design differentiates and embodies the intangibles; emotion, context, and essence, that matter most to consumers.”

  • Moira Cullen (Senior Director of Global Design, the Hershey Company)

Branding is a disciplined process used to build awareness and extend customer loyalty. It requires a mandate from the top and readiness to invest in the future. Branding is about seizing every opportunity to express why people should choose one brand over another. A desire to lead, outpace the competition, and give employees the best tools to reach customers are the reasons why companies leverage branding.

“Emotional branding is a dynamic cocktail of anthropology, imagination, sensory experiences, and visionary approach to change.”

  • Marc Gobe (Emotional Branding)

Seizing every opportunity to build brand champions requires identifying the constituencies that affect success. Reputation and goodwill extend far beyond a brand’s target customers. Employees are now called “internal customers” because their power is far-reaching. Gaining insight into stakeholder characteristics, behaviour, needs, and perceptions yields a high return.

“Uncover opinions and biases from a variety of stakeholders to inform positioning and achieve meaningful differentiation.”

– Ann Willoughby (President and Chief Innovation Officer Willoughby Design)

The best identity programs embody and advance the company’s brand by supporting desired perceptions. Identity expresses itself in every touch point of the brand and becomes intrinsic to a company’s culture, a constant symbol of its core values and its heritage.

MARKUS – Graphic Designer


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