Where have all the HexaGONE?

Where have all the HexaGONE?

It seems to me that Circles and Squares get far to much free press, assuming themselves as the nations favourites. While Triangles are making a good living off the air time they receive from association with Pythagoras and Protractors!…BUT what about HEXAGONS!!?

I don’t know if it’s discrimination, but since their peak during the good work of Bob Holness and Blockbusters in the early 90’s, Hexagons have been seen less and less in PRINT / TV / WEB and any other form of Media!

It isn’t fair that such a once celebrated shape can die in such silence. We can’t live in a world where no one remembers what a HEXAGON was!

So please do all you can to promote and bring back HEXAGONS! – WEAR them, DRAW them, MAKE them, and TALK about them wherever possible!

much love.


(ps. pentagons have 5 sides and shouldn’t be trusted.)


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