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Tips for Designing Food Logos for Your Business

A logo is a visual representation of what your brand offers or believes in, which makes it all the more complicated to design. It can be difficult to nail a perfect food logo design for your band. So, here are a few tips on how to design an amazing logo as well as some ideas you can pull inspiration from. 

Tips in Designing Food Logos 

Designing food logos is much harder than people will often give you credit for. A logo represents your brand – and in extension, your company and its values. A good logo can do that with minimal text and just plain visuals. Your brand is a commitment to quality service and food, and your logo should be able to show that. A food logo design depends on a lot of different factors e.g., the type of food you serve, your brand’s specific values, your target audience, etc. Because of these varying factors, you will usually find stark differences between a fast food logo design and a logo for a fine dining restaurant.

Now, if you are struggling to make that perfect logo for your food business, here are a few tips to help you create the perfect one. 

1. Make Use Bold Fonts And Text 


Lettering and fonts are possibly the most important part of any logo that you make. Depending on what your brand represents, the font and lettering can drive that message home. You may have a restaurant that pays homage to the rock and roll hall of famers. You should use some bold and electrifying fonts and text that gives a very clear message. Or a fine dining restaurant can make use of more stylish and cursive fonts. In simple words, choose a font that better represents your brand and in extension, the service you provide.

2. Use Icons For Better Visual Representation

Icons and pictures really boost the visual appeal of your logo. The phrase, “a picture paints a thousand words” greatly applies to food logo design. The icon or image can be a visual representation of the brand’s name, or it can be an image of a mascot or character. A good example of this is the Dunkin Donuts Logo in the past, which had the Ds turned into donuts, or how Gloria Jean’s has a coffee mug beside it. 

3. Use Simple Colors

Another thing to remember about a good logo is a very simple color pallet. Nothing too flashy or harsh on the eyes. Again, Dunkin Donuts uses a combination of pink and purple colors that makes it really pleasing to the eyes. McDonald’s uses a bright yellow color for their logo along with a red backdrop. You should color the background in such a way that it contrasts with the color of the logo. Or at least, it should be a darker shade of the same color to make it look better.

4. Using A Simple Design 

While we’re on the topic of simplicity, let’s talk about some of the major food industries and their logos. Pizza hut, Burger King, KFC, McDonald’s, Dominos, and Subway, are some of the biggest empires in the world right now. And what do they all have in common? A simple and plain logo! Subway with its simple yellow and green color and straight font, McDonald’s with the yellow M, Pizza hut with the name under a small hut, these are all simple yet very appealing logos. 

5. Use Empty Space to Keep The Logo Design Clean

Nowadays, companies are making much more subtle use of their logos and are opting for a very minimalist design. Within this minimalist design, they leave plenty of space in the backdrop to make the logo itself stand out more. Now, of course, the cleaner look is great when you have a calm café for people to visit or a nice bar where people come to relax. 

6. Look To Your Competition 

It is always important to look at your competition when designing a new logo. Being inspired by their incredible design can help you innovate and make a great logo of your own. Creating a good food logo is incredibly difficult, and if you’re talking about a completely unique food logo, you might be at the drawing board for weeks. Instead, look to your surroundings and competition to make a great food logo. Some amazing and creative ideas include a golden spoon and the cream fort. But more on these ideas later.

7. Play With Different Sizes

Your food logo is essential and is often the only chance you get to convince customers to give you a chance. In other words, that one logo will be going on everything from your website to your employee’s clothes, to the napkins and even to the cups. So, you must make your logo versatile in terms of its size so that it can easily go on anything that you may need. These types of vector logos can save you a lot of time, as you don’t have to make new logos constantly.

8. Ages With Your Business 

Although various other fast food brands change their logos after a certain time, you should always try to make a good logo that ages with your brand. In other words, the logo should fit your brand image even after multiple years of service. A good example of this is McDonald’s. You can see how their logo has barely changed over the many years of their service. Another good example of timeless fast food logos is KFC that has barely changed its logo throughout its service. 

Food Logo Design Ideas 

Sometimes tips alone are not enough to help someone come up with the perfect fast food logo. So to help you make a timeless food logo, here are a few ideas that you can get inspiration from. 

logo design for food brand

1. Egg Factory Logo

The egg factory logo is quite a unique logo. The simple design of an egg cut from the middle and with two chimneys on its white, the logo is unique and simply timeless. The name of the restaurant itself – the egg factory – is written inside the egg yolk.

catering business logo design

2. Grill Brothers

The grill brothers restaurant is a steakhouse and grill bar, and everything you need to know about them is in this minimalist logo. Along with the name of the restaurant, there are three simple pictures of the main items on their menu, pigs, goats, and cows.

best logo designs for food brands

3. CuriousPlate

The Curious Plate logo is both simple yet unique in its special way. The font and text are very calm, while the color on the name is two different shades of brown. The logo also sees a dish being uncovered, further driving home its “curious plate” name.


4. Sushiya

Sushiya is also a very minimalist logo for a sushi restaurant with an image that tells you everything you need to know about them. The logo shows a fish, with sushi in the middle, and chopstick intersecting to create the tail. Quite creative and very simple.

How to Create a Food Logo 

Creating a food logo is not as hard as you may think. Sure, you can go about making a new one from scratch, but that can take a lot of time, and you may not even have the skill to make a perfect one. However, even if you don’t necessarily have the skill to make a new logo from scratch, you can find many websites that help you create logos with the help of presets. These presets can help you make a passable logo in its own right. 

On the other hand, you can always hire a professional to help you make a logo that will better reflect your brand — the benefits of hiring a professional speak for themselves, as they have experience in making great logos. 

Final Words

To summarize, logos are an important form of communication between a brand and its customers. With the help of pictures and an amazing visual art style, the logo can tell everything that a customer needs to know about the brand. So if you are looking for a professional graphic designer for your food logo, check out Markustudio today.


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Tips for Designing Food Logos for Your Business


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