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10 Most Common Website Design Mistakes

Mastering the art of web design requires time and effort. While designing a website, web developers need to consider a wide range of factors to generate revenues and boost conversions. Furthermore, as market trends and user behavior change, web designers have to update their designs consistently. 

But, there are a few common website design mistakes that every developer should know to avoid. Perhaps adding them to your web development checklist would help. Although these mistakes are subtle, they negatively influence the website’s engagement and reach.

If you intend to generate leads, increase web traffic, and boost sales, then you should avoid these mistakes and stand out against your competitors. So let’s get started.


evvnt-WEB-DESIGN1. Web Design isn’t Mobile Friendly

Remember to keep the website responsive for every popular device, including mobile phones and tablets. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you might lose huge traffic. According to Statista, mobile users generated 54.8% of global website traffic. This indicates that by ignoring mobile users, you are missing more than half of the target audience. Therefore, by creating a mobile-friendly website, you can double the traffic and engagement on your website.

2. Call to Action isn’t Clear

The reason why many small businesses can’t engage more audiences is because of missing or unclear calls to action. This would be one of the biggest mistakes as you are not directing your visitors in the right direction. When a prospect visits your website, they won’t be able to figure the next step. Therefore, you need to help them walk through the sales funnel. Some effective and straightforward call to action are:

  • Contact us today
  • Add to cart
  • Get started
  • Buy Now
  • Free Registration
404 ERROR PAGE loses website visitors due to bad user experience3. 404 Pages Annoy the Users

A survey showed that most users didn’t take any positive action when they encountered 404 pages on a website. They immediately hit back and never visited the website again. Th

is means that 404 pages are a silent traffic killer, and will intervene with your business growth. Therefore, website designers should consistently evaluate the website, and they should find and resolve 404 pages.

4. Brand Message is Vague

A clear brand message works as a success factor that reflects on your brand reputation in the market. Every user visits a website hoping that they will find the solution to their problem. While you may be providing the best solution, visitors will not buy it if they don’t understand. The trick is to design your website as a storyteller.

really bad web design landing page

5. Website Doesn’t Follow Basic Design Rules

Keep in mind that the website visitors are familiar with the basic design rules and patterns. So, you need to follow the basic guideline for various items. If users can’t find the search bar on top of the page, they will most likely leave the website.

6. The Site has Weak Search Engine Optimization

Many web designers think that improving the front-end is enough to enhance the user experience. However, there are several other factors as well. The common factor would be SEO optimizing your content. When your website has strong search engine optimization, it will result in more lead generation and web traffic. Creating valuable content on your website will increase your page’s rank on the Google search engine. For that, you should understand how search engine algorithms work.

7. Content Doesn’t Address Target Audience

Always create content that targets your potential customers. While writing content for your website, make sure that you address the right problems, goals, and desires of your target audience. Content that speaks with the target audience increases website credibility and converts more visitors.

8. Web Page Contains Irrelevant Images

Infographics and images generate complex thoughts and help visitors understand the general idea of the site at a glimpse. Many businesses use low-quality or irrelevant images, which does not blend well with your web content. It is also worth remembering that confused users will never purchase or engage with your website.

9. Ads Intervene with Website Design

Many websites don’t pay attention to how their ads appear on the website on different screen sizes. Sometimes, advertisement disrupts the website’s layout, making it hard for visitors to navigate through pages. Therefore, web developers should focus on every element of the design process, including advertisement placement, and build a website with a reliable interface.


10. Website Search Tab is Poorly Aligned

Visitors on an eCommerce website often use a search bar to find a product. The results should be according to their search keywords. To ensure that the search result is accurate, you need to look for:

  • Hyphens
  • Typos
  • Keyword variations 

Keeping these issues in mind, you need to prioritize the most relevant or best search results for every query.

Final Thoughts

While website design is not as difficult as it seems, but you need to take some time and evaluate the it for these common website design mistakes. Eliminating these mistakes can increase revenue and drive more traffic to your website. 


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10 Most Common Website Design Mistakes

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