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What’s the Difference Between a Web Designer and a Graphic Designer?…Seriously Tho!

Many people think that graphic design and web design are the same. However, if you get into the details of both professions, you will realise that there is a huge difference between the two. Whether you want to create a website for your blogs or an eCommerce website, you should be aware of how both professions differ. Let’s understand these jobs in detail:

Graphic Designer

A graphic designer creates designs and layouts for clients. These designs can be of multiple mediums such as promotional images. A graphic designer should have artistic skills to create engaging and attractive designs. Furthermore, they should have the capability of understanding different clients’ markets and targeted audiences. A professional graphic designer knows how to work with graphic tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Designer. Here are some job responsibilities of a graphic designer:
• Create logos and design resources for marketing campaigns
• Know how to use different fonts and colours
• Modify designs according to clients’ requirements
• Evaluate materials before printing

Web Designer

Web design is a broad term and includes other web development tasks as well. From creating a website to designing the landing page, all these tasks come under web designing. Web designers produce appealing designs for their client’s websites. They intend to increase website visibility by introducing easy-to-navigate and visually appealing elements on the website. A website developer should stay up to date with market trends, as they have to use modern designs to increase engagement. A web designer has vast knowledge about coding and techniques to create a user-friendly website. Here are some tasks that a web designer performs:
• Create web applications according to modern designs
• Attend meetings with clients and prepare a design and layout based on clients’ preferences
• Maintain graphics according to the websites’ content
• Manage and improve web traffic

A Brief Overview of Web Developer’s Responsibilities

A web designer performs wide-ranging tasks to create and maintain a website. Below, we will discuss some roles that a web developer performs:

1. Website Strategist
A web developer conducts market analysis, creates business goals, and maintains individual web pages.

2. Graphic Designer
Web developers perform certain graphic designing tasks as well. The design logos, create brand visuals, look after colour schemes, and typography to enhance the website quality.

3. Copywriter
Web designers also create SEO content to boost websites’ ranking on Google search engine. Furthermore, they create a call to action on the content so visitors can act on the website.

4. UX Designer
Understanding users’ needs is a part of a web developer’s job description. They conduct market research and test page layout using wireframes. Performing UX design tasks, a web designer can understand the user behaviour and improve website elements to meet their expectations.

5. UI Designer
UI or user interface designs include interactive elements such as forms and buttons. A web designer tests these elements and makes sure that every element is responsive.

6. Front End Developer
A web developer knows how to use formatting language and code such as Javascript, CSS, and HTML. Using these programming languages, they can create a modern web design for their clients.

7. Back End Developer
Web designers know how to develop complex backend functionality for a web page using a programming language.

Three Effective Tips for Choosing a Web Designer

Whether you want to create a web page for a non-profit organisation or want to sell products online, web developers keep you on the right track. However, there are some factors that you must consider before choosing a web designer for your website. Follow these tips and make an informed decision:

Choose a Budget

Different web developers quote different budgets to create your business website. However, you should keep your budget into consideration while comparing the options. Keep in mind that the services and quality of work might differ between developers. Therefore, you must compare their capabilities according to your goal. In most cases, the more you pay, the higher quality of work you will get. Some developers charge an hourly rate while others will quote a lump sum budget for an entire project.

Evaluate Skills

Smaller web development companies or freelancers might offer you the best daily or hourly packages. But, you need to make sure that they have enough resources to achieve your expected result. As mentioned before a skilled developer might charge you more for their expertise

Assess Portfolio

When you are choosing a web developer, check their portfolio. See the types of projects they completed. A web developer should have high quality websites in their portfolio. Professional developers worth their salt can create all types of websites.


Now that you know the difference between graphic designers and web designers, you can easily decide what you are looking for. If you want to create visuals for your social media platforms or point of sale, you should hire a graphic designer. However, you will need a web developer to create your website and increase web traffic.


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What’s the Difference Between a Web Designer and a Graphic Designer?…Seriously Tho!

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