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What Will Digital Marketing Look like in 2024?

Digital Marketing is a constant challenge. Mostly because it’s a discipline that evolves rapidly and today’s obstacles become gained knowledge in a short-term basis. But, talk about the evolution of digital marketing in recent years it’d take thousands of words. However, as this process is so interesting it’s almost impossible to say “no” to the challenge of moving forward a couple of years into the future.

And if you think otherwise, then we’ll talk about some current Digital Marketing trends that prove it and will even transport us to the passengers’ seat of a DeLorean towards the year 2024.

But wait, isn’t it only 2022? How could we know what’s going to happen?

Yes, it’s right. 2022 is shaping up as a great year for Content Marketing, so why bother to predict something that hasn’t coming yet?


Actually, we should be concerned or at least figure out which key technologies and trends will drive the change of the industry, because as fast as they come up, it still takes a few years for trends to develop, so it’s more suitable get ready for the next scenario.

But first, let’s try to make things clear…

Our visions of the future are related to the space-age utopia of “Back to the Future” sequel, where flying vehicles, time machines, self-laced shoes and a bunch of futuristic stuff seemed to be our new daily routine. We know from 1985 to 2022 technology has advanced (A LOT) but we haven’t reached yet The Jetsons lifestyle.

Of course, I’m not saying this is something critical, but actually the space-age we wanted it to come seem more an evolution than a revolution. I like to think digital marketing follows the same precept. Now we have the internet, a REVOLUTIONARY tool that changed the way we reach & influence our audience … and there’s far more to come.

What’s next then?

Thinking between now and 2024 sounds much farther than a couple of years ahead, probably because it’s the beginning of a new decade. But if we use our brain for a sec, wasn’t almost yesterday we were in 2012 waiting an apocalypse? It’s been 6 years since then, more than the time we have to wait for 2024.

Knowing change means evolution and not revolution, we need to recognize the likelihood of a digital marketing epiphany is far from being between now and 2024. But what I do believe is marketing will continue to mature in the not-so-far future and delivering the biggest impact through actual online channels.

So let’s take the crystal ball and start with our predictions

1. The video as representation of the online advertising future

Although textual content will always be an important tool to spread ideas, video marketing is currently the powerful way to send a message in a short period. As many say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

The reproduction of high quality videos (including the 4k that turned into the current norm) is a fundamental part of any campaign that aspires to achieve enough success to progress in the market.

Additionally, live videos are likely to constitute an important consumers’ attractor by 2024. Its popularity isn’t exactly a secret, but so far there’s only one thing that’s holding it back: massive audience participation. When done correctly, live videos attract enough attention, but not all brands have jumped on this trend.

Despite that, experts assume by 2024 this trend will stabilize as an available method of communication, and we’ll see it in a top-level demand and many more places, including search results. 

2. Native advertising implementation

Let’s be honest, people HATE ads. One of the main reasons that have led to the serious rejection of traditional advertising is how many (if not all) of these ads interrupt users’ navigation, using an intrusive persuasion. Conversely, native advertising has become one of the best alternatives to meet what is the original objective of any marketing strategy: get the user’s trust NATURALLY.

 3. Smart content performing an important role in Digital Marketing

Currently, websites and blogs of many companies offer the most personalized experience possible for each of its users, as the relevance of smart content has changed the rules of this game.

During the next years the following scenarios could be usual:

  • User “A” and user “B” access a web page simultaneously. But, what they both find is totally different, since the information showed to each of them was selected through the analysis of their experience and browsing history (or the absence of these)
  • Over time this personalized content will be increasingly important to get a potential consumer decide to repeat his experience. Therefore, instead of continuously offering new options, smart programs will create experiences that are much more complex than the current ones, based, of course, on new technologies and algorithms.

4. The influencer marketing 

This practice is another trend that’s growing at the speed of light. Its main aspects show us why it’s and will continue to be an important strategy in all types of campaigns:

  • Those personalities called “influencers” increasingly show interest in more marketing strategies, accordance with the authenticity of the content and the way they relate to it, regardless of the payment received. In other words: quality before money.
  • Influencers are currently among the rest of followers, as evidenced by the strategy of some popular brands, who invite their most loyal fans to create content for their social media accounts.

5. Predict and deliver ROI will be the new normal for marketers

The data will finally yield what all marketers want — the incredible ability to predict the outcome of any advertising campaign. The future of this industry will be guided by predictive analysis. This sounds familiar? Well, it really is. 

Actually, insurance companies use it to predict risks, financial companies use it to approve loans and Digital marketing now provides enough data for marketers to predict their ROI from specific strategies and campaigns. Data and smart strategy will be the focus by 2024 because the data gathered from marketing campaigns will accurately predict a brand’s ROI from any digital campaign.

So, what can we expect for 2024?

To 2024 maybe we’ll not have flying cars and many other futuristic gadgets. However, digital marketing industry will evolve to the point where brands will know us just like our neighbors. We won’t say anymore “Half the Money I Spent on Advertising is wasted, as marketers will have the answer of almost everything, always. In many ways I’m sure we’ll enjoy this more than a flyboard.


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What Will Digital Marketing Look like in 2024?