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Why your Business Card is More Important Than Ever!

It is inevitable for businesses of this era to integrate and implement a certain level of design, thinking on the mediums through which it is represented. Without a well-thought and created design in play, companies fail to keep up with the ones who have successfully accomplished the same.

Businesses garner the capability to tackle tough competition with a unique and potential offering in the form of a service or a product along with an aesthetic yet professional design. This gives them the power to leverage the credibility established among the masses. 

There are numerous examples of global businesses that have incorporated a well-processed design, which has been methodically enabled for an alluring yet coherent outlook.

Great minds with great ideas usually share in the midst of their persecution is a reflection of Sir Thomas J. Watson’s belief when he stated – “Good Design is Good Business.” A good design bestows the benefits of a business that it emblematizes, in many ways.  Never before has design been prioritized as such a strikingly esteemed countenance of a business as it is today.

In the evolution of business, better products and certified customer service are not enough for a business entity to succeed and garner the interest of the potential consumers. It is the design that acts as a medium of transport through which brands try to express their ideology across complex technical fundamentals. 

No business is complete without successfully amalgamating logical and professional design in all leading illustrative mediums like memos, hoardings, advertising and marketing, and most importantly, business cards. A business card is a medium that portrays the information of a company or an individual (mostly a professional) that is shared or exchanged before, during or after a meeting as a memory aid. An aesthetic business card design renders many benefits to the business that it epitomizes. It is the identity of a business and its various verticals and therefore, should be thought and designed in a manner that it successfully serves its core objectives. 

bsiness-card-designs-Artboard 2-80The Darwinism of Business Cards for businesses

Being an Entrepreneur is no ball game and if you are a business owner then you must’ve already come across the harsh reality of something called “Competitive Edge”. Business cards help you to acquire that up to an extent and provide you the necessary traction to move ahead of your competition. It is a visual replica of the business or entity or individual that it represents and contains factual information and communication credentials of the same. 

It is easy to create a business card with all the tools and predesigned templates that are easily accessible online but in order to create a card that strikes a chord among your audience or the one on its receiving end is no piece of cake!

It involves an in-depth study of your business’s fundamental aspects and their creative representation in a limited space. A business card design that can define your business’s objective at the first glance itself is something that you should look for in order to gain the competitive advantage. However, only a seasoned professional designer or designing agency with acute levels of creativity can successfully help you to design the same. 

Now, the question arises on why exactly do you need a business card? If you are a newbie in the world of business design then fret not! I’m here to rescue! 

Here is a list of benefits that you will enjoy on deploying a well-designed business card:

  • Networking: Perhaps the most important genre of events in the world of business, networking-related gatherings and events are the places where business cards are exchanged every second. Not carrying a business card along with you on one of these events may render you a professional disadvantage or lose of opportunity that may be regrettable later on. 
  • Job fairs: Posolutely different from the world of business, job fairs didn’t see much of business cards until lately. The advent of business cards in job fairs has enabled the professionals in possession of them, a certain level of respect as well as appreciation. CVs are common in such events but having a personal business card is what we call having a cutthroat edge and orchestrating higher levels of self-marketing. 
  • Professional Outlook: Having a business card at events and meetings renders a professional outlook to you as well as your business. You appear as a credible and trustworthy businessperson or professional and the card acts as your very own call-to-action facility. 
  • Creating Opportunities: When you share your business cards at events, it may not bring in immediate opportunities for you. But, think it in this way! After the events get over, the receptors get home or at their office when your personal business card comes to their insight and ideas click and light bulbs go off! And, you get phone calls. Yes, that does happen! 
  • Follow up: A structured and well-informed business card design often leads to follow-ups on productive conversations and opportunities, which you discussed with the receptor/ receptors at an event that lead to the exchange of the cards in the first place. 

These above-mentioned benefits highlight the essentiality of business cards for anyone who is trying to network and are looking for productive opportunities.

bsiness-card-designs-Artboard 3-80

The five Must-haves in a Business Card

A business card without relevant illumination on your business verticals fails to enlighten your prospects. Therefore, before designing one, you need to consider several aspects to make your card aesthetic as well as relatable. Your primary focus should be directed on information that invites your prospects as well as a design that renders them visual satisfaction. In order to guide you through the process of creating a great business card design, we have compiled a list of five must-have attributes in a business card that you should never avoid while designing yours.

  • The Logo and Tagline: Before you input any information in your card, dedicate a substantial and prominent real estate of your card for your business’s logo and tagline. Whenever a prospect holds the card between his/her fingers, he/she must be able to recognize instantly the brand behind it. It should contain the colours and tagline that your business generally uses and thus, serve as a miniature extension or identity of the same. 
  • Name and Job Title: Be clear and precise while mentioning your name and role in your business card. You need to mention your full name or the one you liked to be called in order to avoid awkward reintroductions. Also clearly mention your role in your business instead of simply mentioning your position. I receive hundreds of cards in networking events that are unclear about the renderer’s role. For example, Dave Saloni, CEO, VideoNet is not enough to inform me what exactly Dave is good at. Is he a videographer or a scriptwriter?  Be accurate with your role like Dave Saloni, Videographer and CEO, VideoNet. 
  • Contact Information: This is the reason why you share your business cards! To enable your prospects to call or mail you if a requirement or an opportunity arises. Therefore, strive to provide accurate and professional contact details that are easily accessible by you. 
  • Website and Social Media: Don’t forget to include your website and social media details in your card. This highlights your credibility and professionalism and gives your prospects an additional source of contact as well. 
  • Creativity: Undoubtedly, the most important aspect in this list, creativity is the most important element in your card.  Try to keep your design uncluttered and simple. Give it a professional outlook with subtle colours that is pleasing to the eye. Also, try to implement elements that are aesthetic and relatable and avoid using cues that are irrelevant to your cause. 


Keeping all this in consideration, you can design an effective and prospective business card that amplifies your offering. A business card is a manual and miniature extension of your business that replicates it in an enthralling manner. Therefore, it needs to be designed in a way that it justifies its objective and serves as bridge between your prospects and your entity. 


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Why your Business Card is More Important Than Ever!