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5 Fatal Mistakes When Producing Video Content for Your Brand!

The digital realm has predominantly defined two categories of audience that the marketing campaigns encounter during or after their broadcast. This comprises people who go through a content-rich article with enthusiasm and attention and then there are peeps like me who would rather watch a video than spending time on a fat block of text! 

Is the virtual macrocosm transforming into a visualistic content approach to garner the high attention of the viewers? 

“We’re operating in a world where one good video can lead to a massive social following.”—Says leading marketer Mike Henry. 

Along with Mike, many leading internet critics as well as digital experts reckon that video is the future of the invincible age of digitalization! In this era of aggressive marketing, people have become highly sensitive and responsive to content that is engaging, informative or entertaining in nature. Well, if you ask me, I would prefer to watch a video any day than tediously go through a detailed and long marketing article. In fact, it will be rather prosaic for me. 

In fact, proven results from a research conducted by a panel of internet cognoscente indicate that the contents that are in form of video-graphical representation generate the highest levels of user engagement and interaction. As defined by James Wedmore, “Video is an effective form of communication that needs to be integrated into each and every aspect of your existing marketing efforts”. Indeed, video is the subsequent of online marketing. 

Studies indicate that by 2019, 80% of the internet traffic will be a resultant of video-based searches and solutions. True to this, video marketing is indeed being adapted as the prime medium of customer engagement by the businesses globally. 

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Internet, Video-based Marketing & their effective Integration

In this digital epoch, if you own a business then you gotta have it online as well! Just a trivial brick and mortar establishment/ emporium won’t be enough! The thoroughfares and opportunities that the internet has unwrapped for us since its inception is second to none. It has created a global footprint and apprehension for connectivity and video is a paramount medium for this awareness for connectivity. It is a stupendous format for proliferating an idea or a story in the most consumable manner. A video renders the opportunity of amalgamating the effectiveness of ideas with the dynamism of images! Studies specify that most people out of the total visiting traffic on the internet are visual tyros.

 Certain stats back up this claim with the reason that most of the traffic on the internet considers video content, one heck of a more engaging format than a flat block of text!

Now, if you plan to subsume video marketing for your business’s marketing strategy then you have to adhere to certain compliances in order to make it relatable to your motive. Many businesses tend to concoct content that is not directly related or downrightly irrelevant to their core objective. These kinds of video may attract views but often fail to adhere to the aboriginal purpose of its creation.

The Don’ts for Creating a Marketing Video

Engendering a video is facile, but crafting it percipient to succour the endeavour is mastery! Video Marketers often dwindle to chalk out a felicitous procedure for shooting a video and its promotion by assessing its outcome. Without a strategy, in situ, marketing-based videos often fail to aid its true intentions. 

Many marketers witness video as a One-off strategy for their marketing efforts. This is bizarre! Video-based marketing needs to supplement your other marketing strategies instead of completely replacing them. It needs to manifest your objective distinctly instead of beating around the bush. This will corroborate that it delivers you expected results rather than just being a failed marketing stratagem. It needs to incur a clear objective and communicate the same to the viewer. Video needs to be integrated in your marketing efforts in such a way that it buttresses and not contradicts your other pertinent methodologies.  

In short, video marketing without relatable content and too many jargons will definitely fail to convert any leads and may completely mislead your viewer instead of attaining a new customer for you! 

To make this even more discernible for you, our precious reader, I have assorted a comprehensive list of top five things that you shouldn’t do in your video-based marketing campaign. I call it my Laymen’s list of five “not-to-dos” in video and I hope that you will benefit from it in the most congenial and approachable manner possible.

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  1. Say NO to Long and tedious Videos with too much Info: Try to make your video ephemeral and straightforward. Your pivotal intent should be to create the maximum impact in the shortest duration possible. In order to save your audience from getting perplexed, do not include too much information about your company in the video. Instead, try to append your USP or Unique Selling Points and the value that you are trying to impart. Don’t try to cram in information that your viewer will find ponderous and over-elaborated!
  2. Avoid Using Jargons and Create Videos for your Audience: Remember that you are creating the video for your target audience and not yourself! So, however interesting certain technical terminology may seem to you, it’s better to avoid including them in your video. A successful and engaging video needs to be comprehensible and easy to relate to in order to garner the audience’s interest. You need to remind yourself that your video needs to influence as many people as possible amongst your target audience. 
  3. No Clear Creative Concept and using the Wrong Video Production Process: Always keep in mind that credibility is directly proportional to quality. Your video marketing is a reflection of your business and thus, you cannot afford to compromise on its quality.  I am not suggesting you to invest in a Hollywood-grade production but a well-crafted video does inveigle positive attention. It can help you to gain more views as well as shares. Videos need to be visually compelling as well as engaging in order to instil your message in the mind of your audience. 
  4. Don’t forget to add an Effective conclusion: Never waste time and money in creating videos that keep your audience guessing. A video needs to have a clear path and direction and justify its primary objective. Ask yourself, what exactly do you want from your video campaign? Whether you want people to share your video on social media, purchase a product, sign a petition or watch another video, you need to create a visual conclusion effectively communicating the next course of action for your audience. Then assess their relevant response to your request for identifying the success rate of your video. 
  5. Absence of any real Marketing or Distribution Strategy: Your video needs to be efficaciously promoted in order to make it reach your target audience. Some people    embrace the “post and pray” strategy that is not a strategy at all! They post their videos on their website or Youtube and decide against putting in any more effort behind the same. Creating and posting a video is just the beginning. To make it outreach your audience, you need to promote it in all the available social media platforms and other sources where potential viewers can notice the same. 

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Mr. Berel Solomon from Quebec based Wealthy Commercials claims video marketing to be the future of online promotional strategies. The level of user engagement and lead conversions that videos portray justifies their influence in this domain. Studies indicate that videos have 70% more engagement levels than any other form of content marketing, making it a highly beneficial as well as intuitive option for businesses to engage their customers. 

However, creating just a video is not sufficient. If you want to create an affirmative impression with the help of your video then you need to make it enthralling as well as unwavering and direct. Businesses who have already integrated their marketing strategies with video-based content have benefited manifold from the resultant output, hence, showing the rest of the world that video is an ideal inbound marketing contrivance. Strive to create a video that imparts some value to its audience instead of relentlessly trying to sell your product or offering! 

With the rapid adaptation of video content by search engines, there is a substantial rise in their consumption. So what are you waiting for? 


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5 Fatal Mistakes When Producing Video Content for Your Brand!