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The Importance of Brand Image

At Markustudio we are specialists in branding a wide variety of organisations to give them a truly distinctive and consistent look and voice. A company’s identity must run through an entire business and all its activities like the name of a seaside town runs through a stick of rock! A brand needs to be in the DNA of a company, shaping its very being and directing every move.


Each company and every organisation, together with the products and services they offer, needs attractive and unique brand identities that distinguish them from the competition and which succeed in reaching out and appealing to customers. Above all, a company’s branding needs to run consistently through each and every form of communication.


branded-manchester-Artboard 2-80From the graphic elements in websites, digital communications and marketing materials right through to the styling of video content and the tone of voice that an organisation adopts when communicating with their various significant audiences: including customers, employees and shareholders.


Always remember that effective branding goes way beyond a fresh logotype, even if that new or refreshed logo continues to be an essential element. That logo is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg!


Developing a powerful and persuasive brand must be so much more than just a fresh or sharpened company logo. Your entire ethos needs to be present in everything you do and say. A strong and uniform brand identity must be applied across the board and we know exactly how to achieve that level of recognition and degree of creative cut-through.


A smart and memorable logo is an important badge to wear and one that readily identifies your company in the eyes and minds of your current clients and those all-important potential customers when you are seeking to grow your business. But the branding process and the visual identities we create stretch far beyond that corporate logo.


Markustudio possess the design and copywriting skills, marketing experience and technical expertise to create stunning visual identities for you and your products. We apply our graphic, marketing and technological skills on your behalf to ensure that your branding is truly outstanding.


branded-manchester-Artboard 3-80We can also provide you with moving and still imagery with corporate and product videos as well as powerful photography for all your marketing and promotional needs in line with the visual identity that we will help you to establish.


And when it comes to verbal communications we can apply our copywriting skills on your behalf to create a unique tone of voice that expresses your identity through words as well as images. This powerful combination of words and imagery provides the cornerstones of any branding exercise and establishes your brand in the eyes and minds of your customers.


We can even develop bespoke typography for your company so that you enjoy a unique typeface or font for your logotype together with any essential elements of your written communications. That’s typical of the eye for detail and the degree of creative enterprise and individuality that Markustudio bring to any branding exercise.


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The Importance of Brand Image

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