Are you looking for a web design agency to help you create an awesome website? It can be daunting to sift through the seemingly endless options available, so it’s important to conduct research and find a team that meets your specific needs. That’s why we’ve created this ultimate guide – to provide recommendations, tips and tricks on how to pick the right web design agency for your project! So, if you’re ready to take your online presence up a notch, read ahead for all the info that could make choosing a web design agency easier than ever.

If you are in search of a web design agency that can build and maintain an effective website for your business? Look no further – this guide offers expert advice on how to find the perfect agency to help create your online presence from scratch.

What to look for when choosing a web design agency

Choosing the right web design agency is an important decision for any business, but it can be hard to know exactly what to look for. Start by confirming that the web design agency you’re considering has at least a few years’ experience in web design specifically; web development is great, but web design demands its own expertise. Next, you’ll want to make sure they really understand your business — if they aren’t familiar with your industry or seem indifferent to the type of project you need, it’s likely they won’t do great work for you. Finally, check out some of their previous projects and compare them to your vision; do the results resemble what you had in mind? If not, better keep looking for a web design agency that will deliver.

Research and evaluate agencies.

When considering web design agencies, it’s important to do your research and evaluate them based on criteria like portfolio, pricing, experience of the staff, customer service, other digital marketing services they offered, and communication. An effective research process will involve collecting information from a variety of sources including industry reviews and personal referrals. Once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential agencies, evaluate their unique strengths, such as whether they specialize in web development, digital marketing, or are known as a top branding agency. It’s important to compare different offerings and choose one that best suits your business goals.


Establish a budget.

Establishing a budget is an essential part of the web design agency selection process. This will help you identify a range of agencies that can meet your goals within your price range. Consider not only the cost of their services but also potential hidden fees, like additional costs for maintenance or support after completion. Once you have discussed pricing with prospective agencies, be sure to double-check details prior to signing any contracts.

How to determine if a web design agency is the right fit for you

Finding the perfect web agency Manchester for your project or business can be a grueling process, but it’s worth taking the time to search out a team that’s the right fit for you. Start by considering the web design agency’s portfolio and expertise – does the tastefulness of their work match up with what you’re envisioning for your website? Don’t discount agencies because of their location either; ask yourself whether your technical requirements and communication preferences could be met well from afar. Beyond this, consider how compatible different web design agencies would be with your own team and workflow. Look at their published philosophies or processes to get an idea of whether they’ll blend nicely with yours. Ultimately, trusting your gut feeling when assessing web design agencies can be incredibly helpful: if something doesn’t feel quite right during a call, don’t be afraid to move on!

After you have narrowed down a list of potential agencies, it’s time to select the right one for you. Consider their previous projects to get an idea of their creative capabilities and research reviews from their past clients. It’s also wise to ask questions related to availability, communication methods, implementation strategies, and timeline expectations so that you are confident in your choice of Manchester design agency.


Ask questions and compare responses from agencies.

It’s also a good idea to ask questions related to the type of web design services offered, such as website hosting, optimization, content updates and maintenance, custom coding, and whether or not they offer any additional services like search engine optimization (SEO). Additionally, you should compare their estimated costs for the duration of the project with that of the industry standard. Having gone through this process, your choice in agency should be clear.

Assess the portfolio of work from each agency.

The portfolio of each agency will tell you a lot about the quality of their work. Ask to see as many examples as possible, and pay special attention to how well the websites look on various sizes of screen, such as a laptop, desktop, tablet or smartphone. Also take note of how fast those websites load and how user-friendly they are. Finally, dig deeper by checking out client reviews to learn more about their level of service and customer satisfaction.

The benefits of working with a web design agency

Working with a web design agency can be a great way to get the web presence you’re looking for. Not only do web design agencies have experience and knowledge about web design that you may not, but they often come up with creative and unique ideas to help fuel your web project. And the best part? You don’t even need to worry about doing looks of research yourself – web design agencies will handle all of that for you! Plus, web design agencies work hard to make sure your website remains secure and is optimized so it can be found in top search engine results – a win-win situation! Ultimately, working with a web design agency allows you to create an engaging website that looks professional, has all the right features, and drives real business results.


Thanks for reading our guide on how to find the right design agency Manchester! We hope that this has been helpful in your search for the perfect partner to help you build your dream website. If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to reach out to us. We’d be more than happy to chat with you and see if we’re a good fit for your needs.


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Find the Right Web Design Agency – The Ultimate Guide


If you’re a web design company looking to level up your services, attract better clients and make more money, then you need to create an unbeatable web design experience. In today’s digital landscape, having a successful website or online presence goes far beyond the technical side of things; it requires an in-depth understanding of customers’ needs and delivering top-notch results. Here we’ll explore how to do just that – from optimizing user experience (UX) through specialized skills and resources, to building efficient scalability into your designs so that businesses can grow as needed. Through these steps any established web design company can become great!

First and foremost, a great web design company will have an eye for detail.

Web design companies provide invaluable skills to any business trying to establish an online presence, so finding one with an exceptional eye for detail is essential. Good web designers are creative problem solvers, able to weave together aesthetics, information accessibility and site navigation into a cohesive whole. Web design companies know how important it is to have both the function and form of the website match with what their client wants, so they make sure that every aspect of the design is thoughtfully crafted and well-executed. Great web design companies take these elements even further so that their clients’ websites look good, attract visitors and capture customer attention.

They should also be up-to-date on the latest trends in web design.

Web Design Companies should make sure they are abreast of the latest trends in web design, as without this knowledge their products will be outdated before they even reach the customer. Knowing what is currently popular with customers helps Web Design Companies create products that are visually appealing and relevant to their target audience. Web Design Companies must keep up with the latest industry trends in order to stay competitive and provide customers with the most desirable websites.


Excellent communication is key – they should be able to clearly understand your needs and vision.

Finding a web design company that knows how to understand your unique needs and present them in the best way possible is key to making sure you get the website you envision. Having a team that takes the time to listen to what you’re looking for and beeps open-minded is vital; excellent communication skills on both sides creates the foundation for successful collaboration. The right web design company should be able to provide transparency throughout the entire process, from application of their creative ability with your vision, to modifications based on feedback from user tests – all while involving you in every step. They should feel like they’re an extension of your team, keeping your project as their priority. If this kind of trust and communication can be established, it’s likely that together you can achieve something awesome!

Responsiveness to Feedback & Changes.

Web design projects often require different types of changes to be made, so how quickly a Web Design Company responds to feedback and implements changes is something to consider. A responsive Web Design Company should have the ability to have clients’ requests met in a timely manner. The faster the Web Design Company can respond and make those changes, the easier it will be for its clients to keep their projects on track. Clients want Web Design Companies to take their requests seriously and show that they value their feedback by being quick in implementing changes as needed. Responsiveness can bring an immense amount of satisfaction to both Web Design Companies and their clients, making it an important part of Web Design projects.

A great web design company will also be reliable and trustworthy.

Web design companies can make or break your online presence. A great web design company will give you a professional website with smooth navigation and attractive visuals, but just as important is their reliability and trustworthiness. Not only do they have the technical know-how to build an innovative and unique website but they also show dedication through staying on project timelines, promptly responding to requests and queries, and being honest throughout the entire process. It’s vital that you find a web design company that is dependable, experienced, and will uphold their ethical standards – the success of your website rests in the hands of a reliable partner.


Last but not least, they should always deliver high quality work within budget and on time!

Web Design Companies must prioritize producing high quality work that meets the customer’s expectations and delivers within budget and on time. Without commitment to these values, clients may be left dissatisfied with a product that isn’t up to their standards or completed late resulting in a loss of time and money. Last but not least, delivering high quality work on time and within budget should be the foundation of any Web Design Company’s success. Putting effort into getting these details right ensures smooth sailing for everyone involved.


A great web design company understands that your website is an extension of your brand. They will take the time to get to know you and your business in order to create a site that accurately represents who you are. A great web design company also has a team of experts who are not only creative but also understand the technical side of things. And last but not least, a great web design company cares about its clients and works with them to ensure they are happy with the end result.  If you’re looking for a new web design partner, keep these points in mind. Do your research and make sure you find a company that meets all of these criteria. You won’t be disappointed!


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What Makes a Great Web Design Company?

Finding design inspiration for your project can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. We’ve compiled the five best design inspiration websites of 2023 to give you the perfect starting point for finding the ideas and inspiration that will help you become the master of your own creative output.

If you are looking for some modern and creative web design inspiration to kick off 2023? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best websites offering up the latest trends in visuals, typography, UI elements and any other design tool that can help bring your projects to life. Whether you want to explore new approaches or find fresh sources of invention, these sites will give you plenty of ideas and stimulation to stay ahead of the curve. So let’s get started – read on for our top picks for keeping your web design skills sharp this year!




Awwwards is a website dedicated to recognising the best designers, developers, and agencies from all over the world. All of the works are uploaded and voted on by professionals from various industry sectors. The website also offers various tutorials, resources and job postings for those looking to get better acquainted with web design. It’s the perfect resource for any creative looking for inspiration or a way to diversify their portfolio.




Dribble is another website that’s a favourite among digital creators. Visitors can browse, filter and critique a vast range of brilliant works created by artists from all over the world. Along with featuring designs, items like logos, icons and illustrations are also popular on the platform. It’s FREE to join and to use, so there’s no excuse not to check it out!




Behance is a rapidly growing online community for creative professionals to showcase their work and get hired. The company allows users to layout and collate their design projects in a portfolio site, enabling viewers to observe an individual’s evolution in the field of graphic or website design. Whether you are looking for typography, motion graphics, UX or UI inspiration, Behance has it for you! Look out for talented designers that have done amazing things in their respective fields.




Instagram has revolutionised the way people look for design inspiration and trends, creating a platform where incredible minimalist and modern looks can be seen on a daily basis. While the app may have started as something to post pictures of your weekend getaway, now there are countless sites that have taken their designs and website ideas from Instagram. From vibrant colorus to dynamic layouts and expertly angled photographs, anyone searching for the latest innovations in website design can find what they need on this one-stop shop of modern ideas. Just scrolling through Instagram’s ever-evolving page provides an ample collection of beautiful visuals and styles that could take any site from basic to extraordinary with just a few clicks of the mouse.




Designspiration allows users to quickly and easily find design inspiration based on keyword and colour searches. It also has a trending section that shows the latest trends in order to help you stay ahead of the curve. The homepage is continually updated with new designs, so you can always find something new and be inspired. Plus, Designspiration is FREE for everyone to use!

Thank you for reading! I hope you found these five design inspiration websites helpful. As we move into 2023, remember to keep your eyes peeled for new and upcoming trends. And most importantly, have fun with your design journey!


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5 Best Design Inspiration Websites for 2023


Websites are the digital storefront to any business, and as such, it’s important for them to be designed in a way that captures customers’ attention and drives them to take action. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to website design, the idea of using just a single page layout has become increasingly popular among businesses looking for an easier setup. But how effective are one-page websites? In this blog post we’ll discuss the pros and cons of choosing this kind of site structure so you can decide whether or not it’s right for your business.

What is a one-page website and how does it work?

A one-page website is becoming increasingly popular among graphic and web designers who want a simple and straightforward way to present their work. These sites consist of a single page that highlights the main points of a website in an easy-to-navigate format. Typically, these pages will include sections for different services or products featuring all pertinent information about each one. This could include visuals to help provide an overall aesthetic appeal, as well as text outlining what each service offers. The good thing about one-page websites is that not only can users get all the details with just a few clicks, but developers don’t need to make separate pages for each topic – making development much simpler and faster.


The pros of having a one-page website

A one-page website is a great idea for graphic and web designers who want to stand out in a competitive marketplace. If you have a portfolio that’s easy to navigate, simple to understand, and designed with a captivating aesthetic, it can make all the difference. Perhaps the biggest pro of having a one-page website is that it can be designed easily without sacrificing quality or taking up too much time and effort. It’s perfect for graphic and web designers who are trying to showcase their skills while minimizing the time they spend on editing, updating, and developing websites. Additionally, since most one-page websites use fewer elements than traditional sites do, they’re able to load faster, helping graphic and web designers create an efficient online experience for their visitors.

The cons of having a one-page website

Having a one-page website can be quite the conundrum for graphic and web designers. It limits their creativity, as all content must fit in just one page – no scrolling down or across! This means paring down content to its most impactful, organized and beautiful version. Additionally, SEO poses a challenge with one page sites since there’s literally no room to spread out the keywords and other elements that search engines look for when indexing websites. All in all, many graphic and web designers love the opportunity to design elaborate, complex websites, so having these limitations on their creative handiwork may be a bit of a downer for them.


How to decide if a one-page website is right for you

When considering your marketing options, it can be difficult to decide whether a one-page website is the right choice for you. On one hand, they are incredibly easy to set up and maintain, and make your brand appear concise and concisely focused. On the other, without additional pages of content you may not be able to give the full picture of what makes you great. So how can you decide if a one-page website is right for you? Ask yourself – does my marketing message require only one page? Do I have the kind of business that a single page can tell a compelling story about? If the answers are yes, then a one-page website could be exactly what you need!

Examples of successful one-page websites

One-page websites have taken marketing to the next level! With these short and sweet websites, businesses are able to reach potential customers faster than ever before. It’s amazing that such a small space can provide a ton of helpful information about products and services – from marketing landing pages to portfolios. One-page websites have proven their worth in the marketing world with successful endeavors ranging from Buzzfeed to AirBnB. Minimalism is key when it comes to making sure all your content is both informative and visually attractive. Everyone from big companies to freelancers can really amp up their marketing campaign by utilizing these clever one-page websites.


Tips for creating your own one-page website

Having a one-page website provides a great way to market yourself or your business by getting creative and giving potential clients an understanding of who you are in just one page. To get started, choose a layout and design that best reflects the message you want to portray. After that, it’s important to fill the page with relevant content such as images, text and contact information. Use catchy language in your copywriting to draw people’s attention, but remember to keep it clear so viewers understand what you do. Above all else, when creating any website, make sure it loads quickly and is optimized for mobile viewing. That way visitors have an easy time navigating your site without any issues.

So should you build a one-page website? It depends. One-page websites can be great for certain types of businesses and terrible for others. It really just comes down to what your goals are and who your target audience is. If you think a one-page website might be right for you, then go for it! Just make sure to do your research first and create something that will meet the needs of both you and your visitors.


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Pros & Cons of a One-Page Website

If you’re a creative, passionate person who loves to make eye-catching design, then Manchester might just be the city for you. Being a freelance graphic or web designer in this vibrant northern metropolis can be an incredibly rewarding experience – from working on diverse projects with companies across the world to being able to create art that helps people engage with their environment. With modern tools and technology at your disposal, there’s no limit to what you can achieve as a freelancer here! In this blog post I’ll give my advice on how best to take advantage of the fast-paced opportunities present within the city and discuss some of the challenges that come along with it.



What it’s like to be a freelance designer

Being a freelance graphic and web designer can be incredibly satisfying. With each new project comes the opportunity to show your creativity, learn new skills, work with amazing clients, and build up your portfolio. Sure, there can be difficult days of troubleshooting code or waiting weeks for a client to respond, but it’s all worth it in the end. Freelancing brings a level of autonomy that isn’t often seen in other fields you get to choose which projects you take on and when you do them. It’s an exciting role filled with plenty of opportunity, so if you’re passionate about design, consider taking the plunge as a freelancer.

The pros and cons of freelancing

Freelancing can be an amazing opportunity for graphic and web designers, who get a chance to showcase their talents to the world and take on various projects. On one hand, they can pick and choose their own assignments, create from the comfort of their home and sometimes have a degree of flexibility in working hours. On the other hand, freelancers don’t have the same sort of security and stability as those with steady jobs in graphic design companies, plus long-term financial planning becomes even more important because there’s no defined benefit package. Ultimately, freelancing can be an incredible path to follow if one is motivated enough; some hard work and dedication will definitely pay off!



How to become a freelance designer

Becoming a freelance graphic and web designer is an exciting way to use your creativity in the professional world. To get started, it’s important to create a robust portfolio showcasing your best work that you can promote online and to potential clients. You’ll also want to network with industry professionals and set up a website for yourself, or rely on job marketplaces like Upwork where businesses look for freelance designers. Lastly, be sure to have a business plan in place that focuses on pricing structure, marketing strategy, and areas of specialization. With these key steps in place, you’ll soon be on your way to making money as a freelance graphic or web designer!

Tips for surviving as a freelance designer

If you’re a graphic or web designer that’s recently taken the plunge into freelancing, congratulations! You’ve embarked on an exciting and rewarding journey. However, thriving in the freelance world can be difficult – so here are some tips for surviving and being successful as a freelance designer. Firstly, always make sure to set yourself strict deadlines – just because there’s no employer breathing down your neck doesn’t mean that you don’t need to deliver quality work and adhere to set timescales. Secondly, invest time into building good relationships with potential clients and look into building solid marketing strategies so that your name gets out there; you need people to know about your services! Finally, don’t forget self care during the busiest months: make sure to keep up healthy habits such as scheduling time off and eating healthily while you navigate this new working environment. With these tips in mind, you’re well on your way to becoming a skilled freelance graphic or web designer!



Common struggles of freelancers

For graphic and web designers trying to make a living as a freelancer, the challenges can sometimes seem insurmountable. With high competition in the marketplace, they’re often forced to accept less-than-ideal payment terms and an unpredictable income that doesn’t always meet expectations. On top of this, finding new clients is one of the biggest challenges for these creatives; not to mention battling their own distractions when working from home. The job may be glamorous on paper but it comes with its own set of struggles that must be faced head-on in order for any real degree of success.

Ways to make more money as a freelance designer

Are you a graphic or web designer looking to find ways to increase your income? Whether you are an experienced freelancer or just getting started in the industry, there are plenty of opportunities to boost your bank account. A great starting point is to look into marketing yourself better and reaching a wider audience – investing in an appealing website, networking with other designers, and working towards developing a strong portfolio of work can all help you stand out. Additionally, taking advantage of online freelance job marketplaces such as Upwork or Fiverr are excellent ways for graphic; web designers to make some extra money without having to commit to long-term projects. Negotiating higher rates with existing clients and expanding your range of services can also be beneficial as it will give you more options for generating income. Whatever route(s) you decide upon to try and increase your profits, the important thing is that you stay motivated and never give up – at the end of the day, success comes from hard work!

All in all, I absolutely love being a freelance graphic designer in Manchester. Even though it can be tough at times to manage everything on my own, it’s so worth it when I see the final product and how happy my clients are. If you’re thinking of becoming a freelance designer yourself, definitely go for it! And if you’re ever in need of a graphic designer, feel free to reach out to me. 😉


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Being a Freelance Designer in Manchester


Are you happy with how your business is performing? If not, it might be time for a change. Introducing, or reintroducing, your business to the world with a new brand identity could be just what you need to breathe new life into your company. In this blog post, we’ll explore how a rebrand could help your business. Keep reading to learn more!

What is rebranding and why do businesses do it?

Rebranding is a business strategy used to create a new and improved version of an existing business. The process may involve changing the logo, colors and website design of the business, or even introducing new services and products. Business owners decide to rebrand for a variety of reasons; one of the most common being generating business growth by appealing to a brand-new target market. Rebranding can also be used to keep up with modern marketing trends and industries, as well as helping businesses stay ahead of their competitors by creating a faster, better customer experience. Additionally, business owners often use rebranding as response to negative press coverage that may have tarnished their business image in the past, giving them another chance at success.


How can you know if your business needs a rebranding?

Rebranding is an important business decision that business owners should take seriously. It’s usually a good idea to consider a rebrand if your business has changed significantly since its launch, or if you find yourself struggling to stay relevant in the market and attract new business. Other factors that can help business owners determine if their business needs a rebranding include low website traffic, lagging sales, decreased social media engagement, and negative customer feedback. Rebranding has the potential to inject some much-needed life into stagnant businesses by helping them modernize and reinvent themselves while letting customers know they are still playing an active role in the industry.

What are the steps involved in a successful rebranding campaign?

Rebranding a business can seem like a daunting endeavor, but with thoughtful planning and flexibility business owners can be successful in running successful rebrand campaigns. It starts with gathering data on customers, understanding the business’s current identity, and creating a vision for the future. Communication to existing customers and targeted prospects is essential to getting out the new story line of the business. Additionally, businesses should set measurable goals to track progress towards achieving the desired market positioning. Implementation of a comprehensive brand management system eases upkeep and transitions business owners into their new identity. By following these steps business owners can find success in rebranding their business.


What are the risks and potential problems associated with rebranding?

Rebranding a business can be a great way to draw more customers in and make the business stand out. However, business owners must be aware of the potential risks and problems associated with such a move before taking action. These could include losing customer loyalty or recognition as business identities may not transfer to the new brand name, service or product. Furthermore, it may lead to financial issues if there are delays in rebranding, costing time and money. Rebranding can also be a lengthy process which requires creative ideas that capitalize on a business’s strengths. Ultimately, business owners will need to weigh the pros and cons of rebranding before making any decisions.

How much does rebranding cost, and who pays for it?

Rebranding can be a risky business for business owners. Not only does the process cost a lot of money, but it also takes time and care for business owners to craft the optimal image and identity. Moreover, business owners may face a variety of problems when rebranding, from alienating their existing customers to potentially violating copyright laws due to improper use of logos or phrases. The biggest challenge business owners might face when rebranding is ensuring that their new brand aligns with customer expectations, since failing to consider customer needs can have serious financial implications. Despite the risks and potential problems associated with rebranding, business owners are often willing to take the plunge in order to stay relevant in today’s ever-evolving marketplace.


Can a rebrand be reversed if it’s not successful?

Rebranding a business can be a daunting process, but it can be essential to the business’s long-term success. Unfortunately, business owners sometimes roll out rebrands that don’t get the results they anticipated and end up causing more harm than good. Luckily, if a business owners finds their rebrand just isn’t working out, there is an option to reverse it. Reversing a rebrand will involve significant cost and effort, however, business owners should consider it in certain circumstances to improve their brand recognition and appeal. While some business owners refrain from attempting rebrands if successful because of the risk of failure, others understand that in a changing world adapting your business and marketing strategy to match changing customer preferences is essential for staying ahead of the competition.

If any of these points resonate with you and your business, then it may be time for a rebrand. Keep in mind that a rebrand is not a Band-Aid solution for all problems within a company – it should only be done if it makes sense for the business as a whole. And while it can be initially costly and time-consuming, if done correctly, the benefits of a rebrand can far outweigh the cons. If you’re thinking about giving your company a facelift, we would love to chat with you and see how we could help.


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How a Rebrand Could Help Your Business!

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