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Ignis Music is a new venture from on-going client One Fiinx, as their new Music Publishing Division. The name, Ignis Music, comes from the latin for “Fire Bird” keeping with the Phoenix overarching theme.


We kept the font (Inversions) the same, including the mix of solid and outlines to seperate the words. While rounding some of the letters to fit with the more rounded iconography.


The logo is a mix of the original Phoenix head, a flame, and a musical note, depicting the industry Ignis Music is in and it’s heritage.


As with any brand design project, we presented 3 – 5 ideas, which the client feedback and ultimately choose the concept you see here, with a little further tweaking and final sign off.


We then exported all the file formats required along with a host of variations, stacked text, landscape, social media icons etc.

Brand Design