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Inside Limited is Fit-out and Refurbishment Contractor based in Milton Keynes. Who recently launched a new office in Manchester. They enlisted Markustudio’s expertise to relaunch the brand in a bespoke manner and learn how to effectively tap into the local audience.

With their existing website design being built on GoDaddy, we soon established the client needed a more bespoke solution to help attract the right audience and future proof for years to come.

Inside is dedicated to delivering exceptional fit out and refurbishment services, designing quality into all projects. Their construction team has a great deal of knowledge from many years of industry experience, this has allowed them to interpret the importance of integrity, persistence and honesty.

Inside recognise the significance in building a healthy rapport with experts and specialists, bringing professionals together to positively impact each project. Inside’s goal is to disrupt the traditional objectives of the industry by putting consumer needs at the core of all business functions and maintaining long lasting relationships to not only inspire but encourage innovation.

“We have an inbuilt desire to achieve quality across all aspects of our business and projects, we call this approach IQ… the “Inside Quality”.


The target audience:


Inside Limited predominantly targets building surveyors, cost consultants and client-side project managers. Finding this an effective target audience as they are clear, precise and realistic in terms of budgeting and resources.

Their current team uses these maintained relationships to bring in a consistent flow of business. This targeted approach ensures that all touch points are covered, and carry out their role in fulfilling each client’s specific needs.


The deliverables


Using analytics, historic data and user experience tools to identify the most valuable content and on site behaviour. Along with thorough research into Inside’s marketplace, competitors and target audience. We presented a full redesign configured for the optimal user journey that drives visitors to the required website goals and interactions.

Design & Development