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Viglen subsidiary XMA develop, deliver and maintain IT solutions directed at the education, healthcare and business sectors.

They created the adaptable tablet/laptop as a low cost yet highly effective way to encourage and promote student attainment.

Once they came across my freelance graphic design website. I was brought on board to create the’s packaging, keeping to the brief of “exciting and modern” while never losing sight of the overriding XMA brand identity. We think it’s intelligent and attractive!

Viglen is a tech brand that oozes sophistication and style. As such, their packaging must not only match their brand aesthetic but also deliver an experience to customers as soon as they receive their order. A distinctive packaging design from Viglen will set them apart from their competitors and allow customers to feel the luxury of the Viglen brand when they open up their package. With premium materials, great attention to detail and a color palette that reflects the spirit of Viglen’s unique outlook, a well-crafted packaging design can make all the difference for this high-end organisation.